Katja Spitzer

Berlin, Germany
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I studied illustration and graphic design at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig under Volker Pfüller and Thomas Matthaeus Müller and at the HGK Lucerne, Switzerland. I graduated in 2009 and am currently working as a freelance illustrator for magazines and publishers. awards (selection) -Output for Pin-Up Kalender 2008 -Schönste Bücher des Jahres for lit.lifstyle 2007 -Shortlist Förderpreis junger Buchgestalter for lit.lifestyle 2007 -Output 2010 for Quodlibet -3 x 3 magazine Goldmedal for Quodlibet exhibitions (selection) 2006 comic meets theater, Halle Saale 2007 Pin-Up, Galerie für Zahlenwerte, Berlin 2008 Okapi, Fumetto, Luzern 2009 Büchergilde Buchhandlung, Frankfurt am Main 2010 Satellitenausstellung Fumetto, Internationales Comicfestival, Schweiz 2011 Exhibition at The Book Club in London (Bookrelease for Quodlibet, Nobrow Press) 2012 Rarr at The Book Club, London

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