Art for Good

Art for Good (as soon as possible) - Calling on all artists (not yet - more info soon)

Each registered artist* can participate by sending two artworks (originals, art prints or photographs) to port of art in a stamped return envelope. The format should not exceed DIN A4 and should fit into a DIN A4 envelope. The artist will receive one work by a colleague (randomly selected) in return for every two artworks submitted. The second submitted work will be added to the ‘Art for Good’ collection. At first, the collected works will only be shown on this site, but not offered for sale. Once we have collected over 200 works, we will organize an exhibition evening in Berlin where the works will be sold for 100 Euro each. Works not sold during the exhibition will thereafter be available on port of art for 120 Euro under the aforementioned menu item ‘Art for Good’.***
As a highlight, three selected artworks will be auctioned off at each exhibition (detailed information will be available nearer the time). At least 70% of the proceeds will be donated to a charity. We will try to find suitable sponsors to keep the expenditures as low as possible. Any suggestions and recommendations for sponsors are very welcome! All participating artists will be listed on port of art! We look forward to your interest and participation!

To all Artists: Take part! Do good!

Of course all artists are free to submit as many works as they wish! And you are welcome to submit larger works, if you want to support Art for Good.
Please contact us in advance if you would like to send works larger than DIN A4!
We plan to repeat this event annually. Participating artists can help to choose the recipient charity in an online poll. Feel free to suggest charities. >

* each registered provider
** we cannot send an artwork in return without a stamped return envelope.
*** If the exhibition cannot be held for whatever reason, the donated artworks will be sold at a set price of 120 Euro on port of art under the abovementioned menu item. 75% of the proceeds will be donated to a charity. If an artist wants to withdraw his or her participation under these circumstances, we will gladly return the work in question once we have received a stamped return envelope.