Information for customers

Welcome to port-of-art!

On this site you can find artworks by qualified artists, illustrators, designers and photographers, as well as fine arts and applied arts students.

The criterion for participation as an artist is a diploma or a certificate of matriculation at an art school.
Autodidacts can only participate after successfully completing an application process (evaluated by an independent jury).

port of art enables you to select your desired artwork based on predefined search criteria.
It’s important that you click on the “apply” button after you’ve selected your search criteria.

In addition to classic search criteria such as genre, material, and motif, you can also search by the artist’s name, region or city, and art school.

In case you are unsatisfied with the presentation on Port of Art please send a message directly to the artists via their Port of Art profile page and ask for more detailed pics.
(you have to be registered to use the contact form). Some artists also welcome you at their studios, this will be indicated on their profile page as well.


To register as a buyer all you need to do is to provide a valid email address.

>> Rigsiter Now !

> click login > create new account > choose "Buyer" account > Provide your email address. > create new account.
You will receive an activation link via email.
When activating your account, you’ll be asked to select your password. Once you’re registered, you will find the login link at the top right corner of the site. Here you’ll be able to login with your email address and password and to access the internal menu of port of art.
A second menu will appear under “filter options” on the left. > my port of art This is where you’ll see the following menu items.

my account - This is where you can see and edit your personal data. (address, password, email)
my auctions - This is where you can bid on auctions and see the ones on which you have bid.
my orders - This is where you can see your orders and provide feedback.

Three different selling arrangements

1. Works with a purchasing price of less than 100 Euro
Works that cost less than 100 Euro will be purchased directly from the artist. As soon as you have clicked “order now“, the artist will be asked to to contact you via email within three days to arrange the transfer.

2. Purchasing price of over 100 Euro
When the purchasing price exceeds 100 Euro, we offer the opportunity to use port of art’s escrow account for the transaction. If the work is bought via port of art, the buyer pays the money into our escrow account. The artist will be informed of the purchase via email. If the artist has already determined shipping costs, the work will be sent to the address provided by the buyer. If the artist has not determined shipping costs, meaning that the buyer ‘will collect’, the artist will contact the buyer within three days via email to organize shipment or collection. If you’re interested in a work for which the shipping arrangements have not been specified contact the artist via the contact form on the artist's profile page. If the artist fails to contact you within the specified period, we ask that you please let us know. > If we cannot get hold of the artist either, you will be reimbursed immediately.

3. Auctions
Auctions can only be held by artists whom we know personally or who have received only positive evaluations from their customers. This is how auctions work: the artist determines the starting price (minimum 100 Euro). As soon as the first customer has made an offer, the auction goes live and ends 14 days later. When the highest offer has been exceeded, the customer will be informed automatically via email. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder obtains the work. He or she will be notified and asked to pay the money into our escrow account within three work days. As soon as we have received the payment, the artist will be asked via email to send the work to the buyer. If the shipping costs have not been specified, the artist will be asked to contact the buyer via email to arrange the transfer.

Right to return

All works sold via port of art can be returned if they are deemed unsatisfactory. An artwork can be returned within 14 days without citing reasons. As soon as the artist has confirmed that he or she has received the returned work and it is not damaged, we will reimburse you.

We hope that there will be as few returns as possible.

Please bear in mind that you’re buying directly from the artist! Look at the works carefully. Read the description, think before you click “buy now”. If you have questions about the work, please use the contact form on the artist’s profile page (only accessible to registered users).

This site is no conventional online shop/company where you can buy nine works and return eight! 

Buyers shall principally bear the shipping costs for returns.

Pick up only

If the artist has not determined shipment costs, the notice of sale will automatically show “pick up only". If you cannot collect the work yourself, feel free to contact the artist via the contact form on the artist's profile page.


24 days after placing their order, buyers will be asked to set the sales status under the menu item "my orders" and rate the work. You can select from the following options: 1) I have received the work and will keep it. 2) I have received the work, will keep it, and I’m satisfied. 3) I have received the work, will keep it, but I’m not satisfied. 4) I did not receive the work. 5) I have received the work, but will return it or have already returned it. Please select the most accurate response.

This is very important for us! For each positive response one of the artist’s rating stars will become blue. The maximum is five blue stars. If an artist receives successive negative responses, we will contact the artist. Please take a moment to provide feedback to us and the artist! Feel free to email the artist directly. It will help a lot! In case you’re unsatisfied, please send an email to the artist and cc us.
* thank you! *


The copyright for the sold work remains with the artist. If the buyer wants to use the work or parts of the work for commercial or marketing purposes (and not for private purposes alone), the buyer is required to obtain permision from the artist and to negotiate the conditions for such use.

Security - login details

Please make sure that your account will not be misused. Please contact us if you suspect misuse. >
Please change your password regularly and don’t share it with anyone! 

Art for Good

Under the menu item Art for Good participating artists can donate works, which we will exhibit collectively at a later stage. Each of these works can then be bought for 100 Euro. 70% of the proceeds will go to a charity chosen by the participating artists. As a highlight, three works will be auctioned off live during each exhibition. Detailed information will be provided once the project is at a more advanced stage.
We will gladly receive your suggestions for suitable sponsors and exhibition spaces.


Welcome to the autonomous port of art! Come in! Have a look! Buy! Come back in the future! And bring your friends! There will no doubt always be something new to discover!
We hope you’ll enjoy browsing and making finds!