Amrei Fiedler

Hamburg, Deutschland
Absolvent (+3 Jahre)
Kunsthochschule (Immatrikulation oder Abschluss): 
künstlerische Ausbildung, Projekte & Ausstellungen (max 10), Auszeichnungen: 
I work as a freelance illustrator mainly for children books
and I am part of the artist group tapir&klotz.
My works where shown in several group exhibitions in my hometown Hamburg and in other cities in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Poland etc.
Aktuell favorisierte Themen / Motive: 
My personal artwork is most about cats, dogs and girls but there is much more that is worth to draw. I always carry a sketchbook around to capture every day life, odd moments and feelings everywhere and in all kind of situations. My top three of bizarre drawing moments currently are: 1. while being in labour 2. while breastfeeding 3. while doing yoga
Many of my inspirations come from my own childhood but also from people and animals that surround me. When you look closely you can see that a snoring dog or a cat tumbling from the roof full of bliss could be inspiration for a whole bookshelf full of sketchbooks.
Acrylic on Paper