Anne-Christin Plate

Berlin, Germany
Educational Status: 
Art School (enrolment, degree): 
Artist’s statement: 
I draw to see. I draw to understand.
Education (attended Art Schools), Projects & Exhibitions (max 10), Awards: 
1997-2007 Painting & Textile, Burg Giebichstein, Halle 2001-2002 University of Applied Art, Department Book Graphic, St. Petersburg, Russia 2007 Screening of "Das weisse Blatt" at DOK Leipzig 2008/9 scholarship for graduates of the Burg Giebichenstein 2009 Performance "schwernormal", collaboration with actors of Theater Thikwa, Berlin 2008-now I teach drawing and silkscreenprinting at BTK-FH, Berlin
lines, graphic, simple, observant, sketchy
Favorite themes: 
being human watching people, drawing them questions
Sister Corita Kent, Dan Perjovshi, David Shrigley, Chris Ware, going by metro, letters and texts, psychoanalsysis, dreams
drawings with ink and pencil silkscreen printing, etching

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